Gene’s favorite wine is strawberry and mine is raspberry—especially served with a nice piece of dark chocolate.
— Sue Kosinksi

Thank You!

We would like to thank our family, neighbors, and friends who have been so supportive of our new adventure and helped us in so many ways. You are a key to our success.

What's in a name?

The name Raven Hollow Winery stemmed from research on the family name by Sue and Gene's son, Ed.

The name  Kosinksi means "lives with blackbirds" and the family decided on the RavenSue and Gene's daughter, along with Monica from The Westfield Sign Shop, created the logo.



Meet Gene & Sue Kosinski


You may know them from the Kosinski Farms Store & Bakery, CSA, or other farmstands in the Westfield area.

In 2005, when the Kosinskis purchased the land at 420/ 436 Russellville Road, they knew a winery was in their future. Since then they traveled the country visiting wineries from California to Florida getting ideas. 

Raven Hollow Winery now stands conveniently next to the Farm Store & Bakery.  Using fruit grown from their own farms (and some not-so-local grapes) the winery offers a wide selection of flavors from Orange to Shiraz, and Blueberry to Chardonnay.

We both love wine and music. We saw the winery as a means of combining those interests using the resources we had in hand: fruit.
— Sue Kosinski

True to their original vision, the Winery and Farm have become travel destinations for those interested in locally grown food and wine. In addition, the winery hosts concerts every weekend throughout the summer and fall. Customers can also use the winery for meetings and special events. 

The shop and tasting room at Raven Hollow Winery is a comfortable, welcoming space. The winery is open four days a week and you can usually find Gene and Sue there, ready to serve up some tasty and unique wines, swap stories and share a laugh. Plan your visit today!